Cliff's Music
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For Cliff:


A Fabric Unwoven
By an accidental twist
A price paid too highly
For this soul we dearly miss.

Who was as vast as any desert
As varied as a reef
As reliable as the sunrise
But as intricate as a leaf.

He was friend, son and brother
Activist, artist and lover
Humble, loyal & kind
With a monumental mind.

So why does such a Man
Grace so briefly all our lives
Only to leave us here
Confused without Goodbyes?

Perhaps it was to teach us
All about ourselves
About love, compassion, respect
How to travel in this world.

To show us the authentic
The beauty of a sound
About the spirit of generosity
On this uneven earthly ground. 

Thank you Cliff for you
For every gift you’ve given
You’re in our hearts forever
Rest in Peace
Sing in Heaven.

By Kristen-Lee

Brothers In Arms